Working Versus Stay At Home Moms

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Stargoddess English 1301 Working Versus Stay At Home Moms Many women today are facing choices that their mothers never had to face. One of these choices is whether or not to go back to work after having a child. When society thinks of the subject of working mothers, many differing opinions come to mind. What will happen to the child, will the mother have sufficient time to bond with the baby, and will household chores be divided, and so on. On the flip side, stay at home moms have the benefits of raising the values and morals preferred, seeing all the milestones, etc. To every mom the necessities and goals in life differ as well as their personal choices. Does this mean their family lives and what is instilled in their children is different? Both sides have the same end result just in laid out into different routines and styles. A working mom has a set routine that in some cases is a necessity rather than a want. For a lot of working moms they get up in the morning, prepare breakfast then leave the house to drop their children off with a much researched daycare provider. There they will learn the skills of sharing, comradary, and basic education to prepare them to start kindergarten. The stay at home moms morning usually consists of getting up in the morning, preparing breakfast then heading out to a park or other social setting where their children will learn comradary, sharing and basic skills in a place not by taught by paid others but by mom and with other children that vary each and everyday. The main difference is the teacher. For working moms it is the paid employees of the daycare provider surrounded by the same children day in and day out. On the other side of the fence you have the mother being able to teach these valuable life lessons through experience and different social situations in public. Though the lessons are the same, it is
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