Working Together for Success: the Balanced Scorecard Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital

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GB520-02 – Strategic Human Resource Management Unit 4 Case Analysis Working Together for Success: The Balanced Scorecard Solution at Peel Memorial Hospital Radica Jagan June 10, 2015 The situation being faced by Pell Memorial Hospital is one that is faced by many hospitals, especially in small cities. Hospitals face challenges as the economy changes, changes that may include layoffs, lack of qualified employees, lack of supplies and most importantly lack of funding. However, as Harber mentioned “healthcare entities attempt to remain focused on delivering high-quality patient care and aligning the key stakeholders to the newly created vision. In the midst of these challenges, management must ensure that it brings as much alignment, direction and purpose as possible into the organization” (Bruce W. Harber, Healthcare Quarterly, 1(4) June 1998). When it comes to goals and mission, Performance Management affects the organization directly. In order to be a successful company, they need to meet their objectives and also be able to assess the performance of their employees and the comparison of the organizations and its goals. It is crucial to set goals and initiatives to make sure that all employees are working toward the same outcome. The problem with this case study is that the hospital was facing a lacking of direction because their initiatives was not widely accepted by the current employees. The employees were unable to see their role as part of the mission of the hospital and its relation to patient care. Because Exerox Quality Services had experience in an integrated structure, Peel Memorial decided to partner with them in order to help the hospital move forward and accomplish more common objectives. They introduces to the organization the Balanced Scorecard, which usually measures the current performance of the organization and also specifies the types of

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