The Working Poor Essay

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The Working Poor, this is a major problem in the United States today. Inflation is becoming more common as well in this generation. Many Americans are living in poverty. The prompt, “America is a better place than ever before”, is a false statement. America does not treat everybody equal, healthcare is not handled in the right manner, and how is it fair for the poverty families have to pay more in taxes than those of the wealthy families? It just doesn’t add up. Well at least, I cannot make sense of it. Can you? America, “home of equal opportunities…” or so we thought. We do not live in the country we once thought, everybody is NOT treated equal by all means. Blacks are still being treated like dirt. Men are still being sexist when it comes to women. This years presidential election should be interesting… Also, not everybody is able to go to school to further their education, mainly because they cannot afford it. Men nowadays, are still getting paid more than women are. Look back, have we ever had a female president? No. When it comes to taxes, the richer people are saved more money than the ones in poverty. Shouldn’t it be equal. I thought we lived in an equal country… Yes, we all thought so. Healthcare… that word, it seems to be a myth. Not very many Americans are able to afford healthcare. When visiting the doctor, if unable to pay the bills, hospitals will turn patients away. How is this kind of behavior fair? When Americans are being turned away here, a crossed the ocean in Great Britain everything comes free. Nobody is ever turned away from getting the care they need. Everyone in the country has healthcare. Why doesn’t America take some kind of action and help its citizens out? Lastly, I’d like to bring “taxes” to the table. Yes everybody pays them, which makes sense and is fair. But, how it fair to make the people in poverty pay more taxes than the

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