Working Mother Essay

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Working Mothers Nowadays, because women are working in all fields regardless the problems that follow. Many husbands claim that women should not extend into other domains other than working at home because they believe a woman would avoid a lot of problems and difficulties. She will also find more time to do whatever she wants. The children would also be happier and more satisfied morally and emotionally. However, I believe that working has many advantages for the mothers such as spending their leisure time in doing something beneficial at work and supporting the family financially. Husbands believe that working mothers are oppressing themselves and doubling their responsibilities by being mothers, workers and housekeepers. They do not have enough time to enjoy their life, to fulfill their social relations and to do their domestic duties properly. This is not true since many working mothers can balance between their jobs and their duties toward their husband and children and they are successful in handling these responsibilities. "I am having a wonderful life being a mother and a worker because I enjoy my time at work and when I come home I spend the rest of my time with my family" my older sister said. By working, mothers are not only oppressing themselves but also their children. The child who is left alone with a maid or a nanny is not as happy as a child who lives with his mother all the time. Opponents say, we always hear about children who are being abused physically by maids or nannies. Some children may be affected by them in other ways, for example; children may practice strange religious activities or speak strange expressions that they have heard from them. I think this is not a strong reason because working mothers can leave their children with relatives like grandmothers or sisters. They can also put their children in a nursery or

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