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Assessment Item 2: Group Presentation Title: | Presentation | Purpose: | To develop skills in team working and professional presentations. | Length: | 15 minutes | Group or Individual: | Group | Optional or Compulsory: | Compulsory | Due date: | Weeks 8 & 9 (in the tutorials) CATME Rating Formative Deadline Monday 2nd SeptemberCATME Rating Summative/Final Deadline Monday 23rd September | Link to unit objectives | Objectives 3 and 4 (AoL Goals KS 1.2, PC 3.2, TW 4.1) | Weight: | 30% | Brief Description | This assessment requires you to collaborate with others during your tutorial to produce a group presentation on an aspect of professionalism in the workplace. You will also undertake self and peer assessment using the online CATME tool. CATME will be used to adjust the group mark for each individual member. | Submission requirement A paper copy of the PowerPoint slides should be handed to the tutor at the beginning of the presentation. Please complete self assessment in ReView – see Assessment page for link. Please complete the self and peer assessment using CATME. Students who fail to submit a summative CATME rating by the summative deadline above will automatically be given the lowest possible factor of 0.8. Task The purpose of the assessment is to produce a professional presentation on an aspect of professionalism in the workplace. In the tutorial in week 5 (tutorial 3) your tutor will issue a presentation topic to your team and spend some time discussing how you might approach it. The topics are: * Stereotyping * Emotional Intelligence Your team needs to research the topic and prepare a professional presentation to the board of directors of SOUND WAVE, an Australian ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT RETAILER with 68 stores and 3,500 employees. Your presentation should be structured as a PERSUASIVE PROPOSAL有说服力的; your aim
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