Working Conditions In America During The 1930's

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The 1930’s was the time when the culture in America really began to take shape. The Great Depression affected the lives of every American. The lack of government regulation left many people unemployed as well as, working in horrible conditions. Many Americans had become fearful of banks because of the growing economic panic. President Franklin Roosevelt tried to help the banking crises as we all the American people to regain economic strength and civilization. In response to the Great Depression, the New Deal helped the nation regain economic strength and place Americans back into the workplace. Franklin Roosevelt strongly favored government regulation and was the main force in re-shaping America after the Great Depression. Since Americans…show more content…
Work conditions were horrible for the few people who happened to have jobs in the 1930’s. They worked long hours for very little pay and they were treated badly by their bosses. The Fair Labor Standards Act helped workers by establishing a minimum wage of 25 cents an hour and a standard work week of fourty four hours for businesses engaged in interstate commerce. The Fair Labor Standards Act placed regulations and limits on how long a person could work and also ensured that a person would be paid a certain amount of money. Even though work places now were under regulation, many workers still had little or no contribution to rules, or determining whats right or wrong. The act also made child labor to become prohibited although there was still a National Youth Administration that provided unemployed youths with job training and part time jobs for students in need. The National Labor Relations Act(Wagner Act) allowed workers to join labor unions and to bargain collectivly, which means workers can form a group and complain about certain work conditions they are dealing with. The act allowed the National Labor Relations Board to enforce laws against unfair labor
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