Working Class Underachievement

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In order to confirm that working class underachievement is a result of home circumstances and family background we must look closely at different variables, which contribute to this accusation. The interest parents have in their child’s education has been proven to vary the child’s achievement majorly, Douglas said that parental interest in child’s education is the most important factor affecting a child’s attainment, this is because parents lacking it are more than likely unable to encourage their child with their studies like others do. This affects working-class children, as their parents are more prone to being less well educated. Similarly, how well the parent is education affects the child’s education too, because a parent who is well educated can help with the child’s studies, take them to cultural events and know what resources they need etc, again a working class parent is less likely to be well educated resulting on less knowledge to pass on to their child, ultimately leaving them with un-successful results. When a child is born they have no culture at all, so it is up to their parents to teach and transform them into the person they’d like them to be, this is called socialization and the early stages of it are the most important. When a child is growing up their parent teaches them things without either of them realising it, such as common courtesy. However most parents will be aware they are teaching their child things such as basic manners or how to tie their shoes. Socialization happens throughout a person’s life, it includes every experience they encounter changing their thoughts/attitudes/beliefs continuously. Discipline is a huge factor in a child’s early stages of socialization as it will educate the child in the ‘norms’ and show them what is right and wrong. Children will have unique ideas of regular situations because the disciplines they
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