Working at Home Essay

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Ashley Tussing ENGL 101-05-10 March 4, 2015 Paper 2 Working at Home Students are naturally inclined to think that homework is this dreadful concept of “extra” work. Like most students, I procrastinate and complain about the homework I receive. But how often do we, as students, think about the benefits of homework? Usually we think about the time and effort it takes to complete the work we have been assigned. We typically never address the positive effects it has on us. Homework can help improve critical thinking, establish time management skills, and develop positive habits for life. Homework is a necessary component in having a proper education. Life as a student can be very stressful. Juggling between school, work, friends, and sleep can be challenging. But like with anything challenging, we learn how to manage once we get used to our routine. In many ways, homework can help and improve a student’s internal and external habits. One thing especially affected is time management. It is vital that students make time for their studies. We are forced to find the perfect balance in our lives between all we have to juggle. Homework is an added way to budget time, due to the fact it has a time constraint. In school you are introduced to this new concept, the teacher then explains said concept, and after, you are given work to prove that you understand this new concept. Homework helps gauge your comprehension. It is a tool used to help measure your understanding of a certain subject. If you understand the subject, the homework is simple; if not, it is a challenging way to help you learn. Homework is also a necessary intersection between home and school, giving the parents a chance to help their child and be involved in their education. When learning something new, people always say that practice makes perfect. When you practice something, you are doing the same thing
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