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IMPACT OF NEW RESEARCH INITIATIVES (March 2005 – June 2012) | | • Enhancing Research Profile (Improving SCI publications) • Integrated Ph.D. programmes • International Collaborations • International Work Association Scheme • National multi-institutional Integrated Collaborative Research Programmes • Sponsored Projects • Polar Research • Help to Industry • HR Development / Training. |UNDERGOING PROGRAMMES (2012 – 2013) | • Developing New crop of young scientists • Further development of Sophisticated Laboratories (Central Facility) • Enhanced collaboration with ONGC in Hydrocarbon Exploration • Museum Up-gradation • Training Programme for BSIP and Universities’ Ph.D. students and young scientists in basic and applied aspects of Palaeobotany • International Conference on Advancements in Palaeobotany [pic] THRUST AREAS FOR RESEARCH PROJECTS (2012 – 2017) • Early life, atmosphere and oceans: Evidences from Indian Craton (Bio-Geosphere interactions in the Precambrian). • Fossil land plant communities: Morpho-structure, Evolution, Systematics with applications to Biostratigraphy and Palaeoecology (Plant evolution, Anatomy, Taxonomy and Stratigraphy). • Integrative Micropalaeontology, Biopetrology and Organic facies: Relevance to fossil fuel characterization and exploration (Integrated approach to realizing economic potential in prospective basins). • Multi-proxy parameters for Quaternary palaeoclimate reconstructions, vegetation dynamics, relative sea level changes and anthropogenic influence (Integrated approach to climate change, modeling and sustainable ecosystems). • Polar and Major Planetary Events (Polar research and

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