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20 October 2013 Dear Parents /Carers I thought I would take this opportunity to put you in the picture in regards to our Under 16 team. You may have heard the good news, at long last, we have a reliable coach in Justin, but unfortunately over the past few weeks through various reasons our team has become depleted. Today, only one player turned up for training. I am also aware that some players were away on school residential and will be back on Wednesday. As you may be aware, we have a brilliant opportunity in joining our squad with Bury RFC, who are in a similar position, and this will enable us to have a competitive team with good prospects. Two weeks ago this was evident at our training session, when several spectators commented on how good the team were. I am under pressure from the committee, that due to the lack of commitment, from a large majority, each week, at both training sessions, to disband the team, but i am reluctant to do that as i feel we are on the up and it would be unfair on the players who show commitment weekly. I have 2 options. 1) To join with Bury RFC, for this season, enabling us to play matches and hopefully increase our numbers. However this will entail Fortnightly trips to train/play at Bury. This will need either a commitment of parents to volunteer on a rota basis transporting players the 20 mins journey to and fro. (Justin has already volunteered his car.) Or the club can arrange a mini bus, but this will not be subsidised, therefore we would need to charge each player approx £5 each time. (Again the cost is dependent on how many players attend) 2) If we cannot fulfil our commitment, as a team, we have no alternative but to disband. I am asking for your support in discussing this situation with your son and stressing on them the importance of turning up to training, as without that there is no point us

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