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Hiring Someone Everest Online University Alicia Smith Career Achievement Professor Teresa Levesque August 25, 2012 1. Should a company view information on these sites when determining whether to hire an individual? I do not believe that companies should use social websites in order to determine whether they should be hired or not. For one, some information on these sites is incorrect about some individuals. Companies should consider an individual’s background investigation, test results, and interview scores when hiring. Sometimes information on these social networks is displayed without the users consent. If a person knows someone else’s password to these sites, they can change any and everything they want about that page. This is another reason as to why a company shouldn’t determine hiring someone based on these networks. A company wouldn’t be able to differentiate between true facts and false allegations when looking at a social network. Looking at these networks can make a company have certain judgmental views about a person and that can make a person look good or bad. So, I say continue with the test taking and interview process to determine whether to hire and individual for a job. 2. When posting information to a personal account (pictures, statements, etc.) during non-work hours, does an employer still need to consider company policies? If so, why? Yes, it is still necessary to consider the policies of the company, especially when there are policies imposed regarding posting information on any form of social media. When a person is hired, Human Resources team lay down all company policies and by affixing your signature automatically states that you adhere on these policies, therefore, you will be liable for any post that is detrimental to the well being of the company. For example: I work at a juvenile sexual facility. When we were hired we

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