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Kathy Edwards Socio 101 Chapter 6 September 29, 2010 Physical appearance is the primary means in which Americans judge others, as well as, themselves. Generally, an individual’s attractiveness – facial features, height, weight, grooming, clothing and etc. – determines how they perceive themselves and others. Specifically, a well dressed tall, shaved, handsome man is often perceived as intelligent, masculine well groomed and high on the social economic scale. While short unattractive poorly dressed acne faced man is often perceived as unintelligent, average and probably not very economically sounds. Impression management is one of the major factors that individuals deal with on a daily basis, because they want to present themselves favorably with those in which they interact. That is why you probably would not see a priest with piercing and tattoos, or why you would see a tattoo artist with numerous tattoos and piercings. As social beings, we have the ability to tailor our images to fit the requirements of a particular situation (Newman, 2009). For instance, when I am around my mother I use grammatically correct sentence structures when speaking, but when I am with my friends I use slang or the local venacular to convey myself. At times we may need to advertise, exaggerate, or even fabricate our positive qualities; at other times we conceal behaviors that we believe others will find unappealing (Newman, 2009). These advertisements, exaggerations, fabrications and concealment of qualities and behavior depend upon the social environment in which we find ourselves. Unfortunately, people that look and act different from the ‘culture of beauty, thinness, and youth” are generally treated poorly and discriminated against in our society. In high school students teased, ostracized and treated overweight and unattractive students poorly. Overweight and

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