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My So-Called Position Most situations currently going on in my life are quite uninteresting, except for my job. Every time I go into work there is something interesting that happens, good or bad, most of the time bad. I currently work at a large retail chain as a front-end supervisor/customer service associate. That title is extensive but the description is just as complex. The customer service associate has many different tasks in which all are customer service based. The main role is working at the customer service desk taking refunds and handling all customers’ needs and concerns. Most of the time I do not have one specified task, but I would carry out multiple tasks during my shift. “Customer Service Associates have different roles based on each individual company's needs. However, these customer-focused positions predominantly deal with one of a business's most vital assets--its customers' overall satisfaction with the company's products or services” (eHow Contributor). Although that description of my job is general, it ends up breaking down into a lot more of an intricate explanation. According to my company my tasks are set in front of me by my management team and I need to follow whatever plan they want me to carry out. Chapter 1 - My So-Called Position Camacho 2 With my current position, although I am one person and have one large title, my title does split up to two individual positions. I will either be scheduled as either the front-end supervisor OR customer service associate. Yet sometimes, I will have to be able to perform both jobs at the same time, if we are short staffed. “The cashier supervisor trains and oversees cashiers, baggers, and customer service associates, promotes the finest customer service standards and makes sure that all cash handling is done properly” (Reynolds). I also have to make cashier’s cash tills

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