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Workers Motivation in Capitalist Economies Essay

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Below is an essay on "Workers Motivation in Capitalist Economies" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In this current era of globalization, a business regardless in any kind of economic system influenced by the key elements that can have a significant impact on business and the economic system itself. Business owners, investors, suppliers or employees are examples of aforesaid elements. These individuals play an important role in any organization or business. However, one of the key elements that need careful consideration is the employee or workers. Interaction between workers and organizations cannot be overstated. Achievement and success of goals or vision of an organization is depends on the efficiency of the workers in doing their job. Competent and skilled workers help improve the productivity of an organization. However, not all employees are able to be efficient and conscientious in doing their job if it is not accompanied by work motivation. By any means, motivating their employees to the highest potential is what employer has to confront and it is a continuous challenge at work. Motivation can be described as one of the most crucial concern in modern organization [1]. Motivation is very important because a profitable and successful organization is determined by motivated worker who are productive [4].   ].
Work motivation itself means a set of energetic forces that develop within and beyond an individual's being that can lead to work-related behaviour in order to determine its form, direction, intensity, and duration [5].
‘The heart of motivation is to give people what they really want most from work. The more you are able to provide what they want, the more you should expect what you really want, namely: productivity, quality, and service [2].’  

Motivation is divided into two, namely intrinsic which is driven by an interest in the job itself. Workers motivate by doing job without any external pressure. This includes satisfaction and feeling of achievement in the task while extrinsic is more to working towards reward [6]. Motivation cannot be...

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