Workers at Nasco Essay

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How many times didn't I heard the phrase, "Walking in the Shoes of Another,"? But, did I really understand the significance behind that phrase? Not really. It wasn't until when I developed empathy towards another person's situation. I am talking about workers at NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies), to be more precise welders, and ship fitters. I had the psychological and physical capacity to interpret in a common context what that person might feel and even think. I understand what is like to walk in the shoes of a welder or ship fitter by participating in and carrying out one suggestion I created in order to become more empathetic about these workers at NASSCO. That suggestion was to cook something and while I was cooking someone was yelling at me. That person was criticizing my food, yelling and saying every three minutes that I was doing it wrong, that I need to be faster and when I was done she made me do it all over again. This suggestion is simulating when boss yells to the worker that he is doing a bad job and is pressuring him to work faster, and at the end when he is done the boss makes him do it all over again. Walking in the shoes of a welder or ship fitter was exhausting, irritating and disappointing because it was making me feel useless. Walking in the shoes of another is exhausting. I felt really exhausting when the person that was yelling at me made me do the food all over again. I was already done, I was tired and I thought that my food came out as the expected but the fact to do it again from the beginning made me feel exhausted. Not only the fact to do it again but also that voice yelling at me every three minutes. Now I understand how those workers feel when their boss makes them do the work all over again, but we are not talking about, cutting vegetables, or to frying, we are talking about a so much arduous work. Walking

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