Work skills video response essay

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The short video “Work Skills” mainly focuses on informing viewers about the different difficulties of choosing an appropriate career. The video, through many different examples and interviews, explains how we should not allow the idea of an untraditional career become an obstacle in ones career cruising. One should never allow sexism, the idea of stereotypes, or physical disabilities interfere from reaching career goals. In order to be in a career that one will thoroughly enjoy, one must examine personal interests and passions. It’s very important to realize that no career is easy and we must work hard to be successful. I agree the short video “Work Skills” is a worthwhile video that should be shown to all grade ten career classes. The video gives the view new knowledge and insight into non-traditional careers, and the issues that may arise while in the process of career cruising. Many people while searching for the right career allow sexism, stereotypes, or even physical disabilities to interfere with following their true career goals. People must remember that there are no “set-gender” occupations in our current day of age. Men and women are now considered as equals in the workforce and both are entitled equal opportunities to the position of desire. There is no shame in working in a position that is not popular to ones gender. Examples include: a male nurse, a female construction worker, a male housekeeper, or a female electrician. A career cruising person must never feel discouraged because of a physical disability. With proper training someone with a disability can be just as, or more skilled and successful as someone without the disability. The video shows a very successful, deaf, graphic designer who never allowed his disability to stop him. No one should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed of his or her untraditional job, gender, or physical disability.
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