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Work Rules & Schedules Essay

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  • on April 13, 2013
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Kelli Robinson
April 10, 2013
CRJU543 – Dr. Anadi

Chapter 8:   Work Rules & Schedules

The effective management of work rules and schedules is an important factor in job performance and satisfaction.   Here we will discuss work rules and what organizations do when rules are violated, as well as how workdays are scheduled and roles played by the human resource department.

Smaller companies may never have experienced a garnishment, which is a legal proceeding in which a creditor of some employee gets a court order requiring the company to turn over some fraction of that employee’s wages to that creditor.   Whereas larger companies may have experienced this nuisance many times and will have established rules, consistent with federal and state laws.

Work rules as control devices in that they represent standards of behavior that ensure a reasonable level of predictability, equity, and protection throughout the organization.

Disciplinary Action is the penalty or punishment associated with violation of a rule. (page 198-199 illustrates some offenses that typically can lead to disciplinary action)

Discharge permanent dismissal from the organization.

Lighter penalties for violations of less serious infractions include oral or written warnings, demotion, or disciplinary layoff (suspension without pay).
  * Warning informs an employee that a more severe penalty will be applied at the next infraction of the rules.
  * Demotion is a reduction in job responsibilities, usually accompanied by a reduction in hourly pay or salary.
  * Disciplinary layoff the employee is temporarily separated from the organization without pay, typically for a few days or weeks.
Docking of pay is simply not paying for the time missed, such as absenteeism or tardiness is a frequent practice.

Refusal to carry out instructions from a superior is called insubordination.

Careful documentation of employee violations of work rules is important in administering discipline...

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