Work Related Report (Midwife)

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Introduction A midwifes main job is to deliver babies. The midwife cares and prepares the mother and baby for birth and their new life after birth. They may have to help assisting in theatre if necessary. They provide advice, care and support for the women and their partners or anyone else who may be supporting the woman. A midwife cares for the new-born baby, gives health education and the parents support for the first 28days after birth. They will then be referred to a health visitor. There are three types of midwives: Hospital Midwives they are based in a hospital or consultant unit, birthing centre or midwife led unit and the antenatal clinic, labour wards and postnatal wards. Community Midwives work in teams and they give the woman the consistent. During the pregnancy the community midwives will either see the woman at home or in the clinic. When the woman goes into labour she can either give birth at home or on the labour ward. The community midwife visits the mother and baby up to 10days after birth. Independent Midwives who work of the NHS and they mainly work with women who plan home births. Qualities and skills needed to be a midwife A midwife needs to have 5“excellent people skills” they’ll be working with all types of people from babies to adults. Having excellent people skills is vital when being a midwife they need to be able to talk to the mothers in different situations e.g. if a woman has miscarried the midwife cannot be sat their breaking the news with a smile. They have to be able to sympathise but also empathise. It’s not just the mothers they need to be able to have people skills with but it’s also the fathers showing them how to give their partners support and involving them with the whole process of the pregnancy. The midwife also needs to have 1“good communication and observation” this is key to being a midwife. They need be
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