the work man vs the man at work

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The working woman vs. The man at work In today’s society we are told that men and women are to follow certain statistic roles. But who says that society is right? We have been raised in a society that the woman is to stay at home and take care of the kids and the man is to go to work a be a provider for his family or so we say “bring home the bacon”. If those roles were flipped would that make this family weird or dysfunctional? Or would that be “normal”. What if your neighbors child that was constantly ill. The parents decied that one of them should become a stay at home parent to be able to give their child round the clock care by them. They decided that its would be in the best interest of the family if the father quit his job to be a stay at home dad. Would you think any less of him for letting his wife beome the “bread winnder”? Would you think he failed as a husband or that he is a bum mooching off his wife? What is the mother was a CEO of a major company and made four times the salary of the father? Would that change your view or is it still wrong or not in the order that was intended according to today’s society? Where is a woman’s place in the world? Working in the home? Having a career? Or could she have both? Of course she can. Women were made to be strong individuals with the ability to take on several responsibilities at the same time. Back in the old times women didn’t have careers. Taking care of home was their career. Now that we are in the 21st century women are suppose to be: a nanny, gourmet cook, maid service, dry cleaning service, nurse, tutor, counselor, submissive, a beauty queen and to top it off have a successful career. These are the things that women are expected to do on a daily basis. There are no vaction or sick days being a wife and a mother. I am for sure that they can be all these responsiblities can be overwhelming at
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