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Work Organization and Work-Life Balance in the BPO Sector: the Experiences of Selected BPO Workers in Metro Manila Curita S. Manuel Racquel R. Ramos University of the Philippines, SOLAIR CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Background Introduction Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a developing industry that is receiving significant attention from all other sectors such as government, business, as well as from the academe. BPO is basically formulated to outsource processes to a third party that are not core to a company but are necessary in its everyday operations. India has the most number of BPO companies in the world and consequently the most studies and researches made on this subject. Philippines also have its share of the BPO industry, being the third BPO center in the world. With the sustained growth of this industry, BPOs are now receiving considerable academic attention dealing with multiple aspects like work conditions, organizational environment and specific organization and work-related issues. BPO Work Environment and Organization General organizational and work environment in BPOs are largely different from traditional organizations as “the customer-oriented nature of work often challenges the traditional conceptions of control and coordination” (Tripathy, 2006: 3). It is fast-paced with a 24/7 operations leading to “possibilities for novel modes of conceptualizing and organizing work, leading to discernible changes in work cultures” (Tripathy, 2006: 3). Generally, organizational culture is highly informal; management and employees work together closely within participative decision-making and collaborative team-based organizational context. BPO organizations are inclined to high-performance and high productivity work team principles and tools; they subscribe to inclination towards operational and service excellence –

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