Work Incentives Essay

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Waking up early on a Monday morning, forcing ourselves to look presentable and get to work, is never something that we look forward to. So what keeps us getting up day after day week after week? For many, getting up is important to keep their means of living but for others their employers put out incentives that cannot be turned down. Each employer’s incentives vary depending upon the workers and environment they are trying to create. For my current work place, we are offered many incentives that keep the practice running properly but also gives it a family like feeling. I currently work for a cardiologist office, which offers the full time employees incentives such as full health benefits that include dental and eye, paid sick days and 4 weeks paid vacation. On top of these generic benefits our office also offers other incentives that are smaller but keep that tight nit relations between all of the workers. Some of these incentives include work parties out at places like the bowling alley or even nice sit down dinners at the doctor’s house. The office also has a lunch brought in after clinic days on Fridays, which allows all the workers to talk out any problems that have occurred during the week. All of those incentives keep me coming back to work now, however once I have my degree in Physical therapy I will be looking for some different incentives. The incentives that I will be looking for upon searching for a job include, first of all, the basic benefits such as the ones listed above like health, paid sick days, and vacation time. On top of these it is important for my employer to offer things such as reimbursement for things such as continues education and to keep up on medical licenses. I would also be looking for a smaller family practice because they can offer the small incentives of small get togethers that make the work experience much more enjoyable.
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