Work Health and Safety for Client and Counsellor Essay

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DIPLOMA OF COUNSELLING (CHRISTIAN) HLTWHS300A Contribute to WHS Processes ASSESSMENT TASK A Multiple Choice quiz 1. If you saw a red and white checked flag on a patrolled beach, what would you do: * Search for an injured swimmer * Grab the flag and wave it * Evacuate the water * Reply by making a ‘Y’ signal with your arms if you were OK | 2. Which of the following is NOT required under WHS law by a student attending a training course * Care for own safety * Don’t adversely affect the safety of others * Comply with reasonable instructions * Obey WHS Policies and Procedures yes * None of the above | 3. Which of the following is obliged to provide for a safe work place as a PCBU: * A company listed on the stock exchange * A church with a paid Pastor * A plumber who works for herself * The State Emergency Service * All of the above | 4. WHS ‘rules’ for a workplace are made up of: * Legislation * Regulation * Codes of Practice * Policies and Procedures * All of the above | 5. With reference to the hierarchy of control, which statement is NOT true: * Engineering is preferred to Admin Controls * Substitution is not as good as elimination * PPE is a last resort * Admin Controls are better than substitutionyes | 6. A safety sign in the with an image that has a ‘love heart’ with a lighting bolt in the middle means: * Caution – Flash Gordon * Defibrillator located here * No pacemakers * Caution - electricity | 7. Which of the following are a good sources of WHS information: * Safework Australia * Local State/Territory Regulators * HSRs * HSCs * All of the above | 8. Which of the following Statements are NOT true: * A hazard and a risk are the same thing * A risk is a combination of consequence and likelihood * The same hazard might create a different risk –

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