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Work Experience Essay

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What evidence is there to suggest that work experience is beneficial to your future career?

Three-fifths of employers disclosed that there were minimal chances of a graduate, with no previous work experience, to be successful in their selection process and be made a job offer (Highfliers, 2011, pg30). A highflier’s research shows 60% of top graduates are not very likely to get a job offer without work experience (Highfliers, 2011, pg31). Work experience, also known as internships in America, is known to be voluntary and mostly unpaid placements available for those seeking the feel of a professional working environment. In this essay, research and statistical data will be extracted from three sources to determine the overall effect of work experience towards future careers therefore different areas will be evaluated to reach a conclusion such as: extrinsic and intrinsic success, job opportunities and career preparation.

A student expectation research unveiled that students with internships reported positive changes in feelings of personal and social efficacy (Bernstein 1976, cited in Gault, J, et al, 2000, pg46) in addition to increased business contacts, better knowledge of the job market (Groves et al. 1977, cited in Gault, J, et al, 2000, pg 46) and greater job satisfaction (Bales 1979, cited in Gault, J, et al, 2000, pg 46). From these findings, it is clear that work experience improves career success in the form of intrinsic success and increased job opportunities; therefore we can deduce from this source that work experience is beneficial. However, using this source may not be entirely reliable as the research itself is hugely out of date tracing back over 30 years ago. These findings are also based on pre-graduation expectations rather than post-graduation career outcomes therefore the subjects had no real experience to base their statements on (Gault, J, et al, 2000, pg 46). Statistical data on Table 2 further supports the usefulness of work experience...

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