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Work Effectively With People With Disability Essay

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Below is an essay on "Work Effectively With People With Disability" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Work effectively with people with disability

Research on the three stages of human development and write a brief description of each
Stages of physical development

One to 4 months
Head and chest circumference are nearly equal to part of the abdomen.
Head circumference increases app. 2cm per month until 2 moths, then increases 1.5 cm per month until 4 months.
Increases are an important indication of continued brain growth.
Eyes begin moving together in unison.

Four to 8 months
Head and chest circumferences are basically equal to part of the abdomen.
Head circumference increases app. 1cm per month until six to seven months
then 0.5 cm per month.
Head circumferences should continue to increase steadily, indicating healthy ongoing brain growth. Teeth might begin to appear, with upper and lower incisors coming first.

Eight to 12 months
Head and chest circumference remain equal can see distant objects from 4m to 6m away and points at them.

Toddlers 12-24
Weight is now approximately three times the child’s birth weight.
Rate of growth slows, head size increases slowly grows app. 1.3cm every six months
Chest circumference is larger than head circumference.
Body shape changes takes on more adult-like appearance still appears top heavy abdomen protrudes back is swayed.

Two years old
Posture is more erect, and brain reaches about 80% of its adult size

Three year old
Growth is steady though slower than first two years.
Legs grow faster than arms
posture is more erect
abdomen no longer protrudes.
Can jump from low step and stand up and walk around on tip toes.

Four year old
Head circumference is usually not measured after age three
hearing acuity can be assessed by child’s correct usage of sounds

Five year old
Head size is approximately that of an adult’s body is adult-like in proportion
visual tracking and binocular vision are well developed.

Six year old
Weight gains reflect significant increase in muscle...

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