Work Effectively with Older People

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1. Describe the key issues facing older people and their carer/s. Some of the key issues facing older people are changes the aging might bring, loss and grief, family carer issues and societal attitudes and expectations. Other changes included are physical changes (eg: greying of hair, wrinkles, ect, ect), cognitive function such as dementia, social interaction, the role played in the family and the impact on relationships, living arrangements and level of independence. Carer’s key issues are tiredness from caring for their loved one, grief about the changes their loved one is going through and possible anger about being the person left responsible for the older person. 2. Briefly describe the current philosophies of service delivery in the sector, the impact of ageing demographics on funding, and service delivery models and current legislation. The current philosophy surrounding service delivery is a direct result of societies changed expectations that has occurred over the last decade. Being that Australia is living longer then what we did 20 years ago therefore they are more dependant or partially dependant on the government for retirement. The changing political, economic and impact of ageing on our population has evidently shaped service delivery. 3. Explain the function of the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) programs in aged care The function of ACFI programs in aged care is to focus on care needs that are related to every day high frequency need for care. There are 3 domains to the subsidy that are determined by ACFI as Activities of daily living, Behaviour supplement and Complex health care supplement. 4. Why are a worker’s personal values and attitudes as an aged care worker an influencing factor when it comes to supporting the philosophy of ‘positive ageing’? A workers’ personal value can influence attitude so we should become

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