Work Effectively with Culturally Diverse Clients and Coworkers

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1. How would you define cultural awareness? Cultural awareness is the acceptance, awareness and understanding of the differences in cultures, backgrounds, values, behaviours and beliefs. 2. Describe the cultural diversity of the people who live in your community? My community consists of a vast amount of different cultural groups such as Asians, Afghans, Arabs, Indians, Native Australians and more. All living in one neighbourhood with respect to one another. 3. If language barriers are a problem, what actions might be taken to resolve this? The first step is to understand that cultural diversity is a mixture of races, cultures, backgrounds and ages and not only a matter of black and white. The next step would be to conduct regular cultural sensitivity awareness classes for the workers so they adhere to it and encourage not only one another but clients also. Educating oneself on the differences in beliefs and cultures can also be eye opening and help better understanding of future scenarios. 4. If language barriers are a problem what actions might be taken to resolve this? If one is having difficulty communicating with a client then patience is necessary, also one should maintain respect and proper body language. Politely asking for clarification and frequent check for understanding of what the talker wishes to address. 5. What strategies can you use to ensure that bias and discrimination is appropriately dealt with? Promote cultural sensitivity, encourage understanding and behaviours to maintain when needed for future references. 6. What communication issues need to be considered when working in a culturally diverse communication? Not understanding the ‘rules’ of a culture might cause issues. Certain cultures have a different interpretation of body language, silence, tone of voice, eye contact, personal space, cultural responses to emotions.

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