Work Effectively in the Community Sector

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Work Effectively in the Community Sector - Case Study A) Maria is 36 years old. She is full-time carer of her two children, Madeleine, aged 5 and Sven aged four. Maria's partner, the father of Madeleine and Sven, died six months ago. Maria has recently been diagnosed with chronic depression and mild anxiety and is finding it hard to manage on a daily basis. Sven has autism and a mild intellectual disability; he communicates using gestures and some 'home signs' that he and his family understand. Sometimes Sven becomes frustrated when he tries to communicate and isn't understood. He occasionally hits out at his mother when he is extremely frustrated. If Sven can't communicate his preferences when out in the community, he has at times, run into shops or cafes without his mother and has been missing for short periods of time. Sven attends an early-intervention kindergarten one morning per week and the local kindergarten another morning each week. Madeleine is due to start school soon and also attends kindergargen. You are a coordinator within an agency that provides home and community care. Maria's case manager has recently made a referral to your service for Maria to receive home care one day per week and respite for Sven one day per week. The case manager who contacts you doesn't know Maria and her family very well and doesn't provide you with much information about the family and their needs. 1. How would you communicate in a way that enhances a person-centred approach when you visit Maria and her family for the first time? (2) 2. What workplace protocols should you consider when collecting and documenting information about Maria and her family? (2) 3. A small number of home care and respite workers are allocated to support Maria's family; what information needs to be provided to each worker and how can this be communicated to ensure confidentiality. (2) B)

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