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Work Culture Essay

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Work Culture Preferences
James Knight
Week Two
Janisse Green

Work Culture Preferences
      Determining one’s culture can help one to build its relationship with one’s organization. In this paper one will determine how knowing your ideal work culture can help develop strategic and operational plans to achieve organizational goals. Next one will decide which competencies are essential to conducting a SWOT analysis. Last one will relate the essential competencies to one’s own competencies for conducting a SWOT analysis.
      Knowing the culture of one’s organization will allow the company to grow. A “strategic plan is a plan that applies to the entire organization and establish the organizations goals” (Coulter & Robbins, 2012). When knowing the culture this will also enable one to create a ideal work environment for the employees and one’s self. There can be different types of culture within an organization. This is where an operational plan in which is a plan that encompass a particular operational area of an organization can help a company reach its overall goals (Coulter & Robbins, 2012).
      Strategic management is something managers do to develop the organizations strategies (Coulter & Robbins, 2012). This business model helps a company decide on if it will be able to persuade customers to buy their brand or if the organization can make money in doing so. Identifying an organization’s mission will also help the organization to highlight the direction of the organization and what is to be expected from the organization. These things help determine the SWOT analysis of the organization.
      The innovative ways of a successful organization are essential to the SWOT analysis. When a organization searches for ways to be innovative and grow it allows them to except different opportunities and strengthens their brand to the consumer. The organization will need to network in order to find the organizations weakness and determine what threats are...

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