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Health care Health care should be affordable for every single person that is residing in the united states like united state citizens, non-united state citizens, all workers, and the unemployed. With a universal Health care system, patients can receive the best of care at a better cost with the way the current economy that is suffering and is heading further down those who do not work cannot afford Health care. In addition, some people who work barely receive enough income to live on and cannot afford the Health insurance. With this policy, Health care would be affordable for all the citizens. Taxes will be raised and the government would have more work for the citizens in order to balance the tax raise. Without practical health insurance, people get sicker and treatment becomes more costly. Public health is at risk by having people living outside the health care system; therefore, Universal health care is a necessity for any modern nation today. Health care for Latino immigrant families is the same as any other immigrant family in the resources talks about Case Studies; Dental Care; Descriptive Statistics; Funding Source; Health Services Needs and Demand; Immigrants; Insurance, Health; Midwestern United States; Public Health Administration Manpower; Qualitative Studies; Socioeconomic Factors. Health care for Latino immigrant families with the benefits and policy. In the article called Providing Health Care to Latino Immigrants: Community-Based Efforts in the Rural Midwest it talks about a study in which they did used three different rural Midwestern communities. “We examined case studies of 3 rural Midwestern communities to assess local health care systems' response to rapidly growing Latino populations. Currently, clinics provide free or low-cost care, and schools, public health, social services, and religious organizations connect Latinos to the health care

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