Work Breakdown Structure

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BUS118: Intro to Project Management North Seattle Community College WBS Pg 1 of 2 Example Work Breakdown Structure Project Management Student’s Annual Conference 1. Assemble development team 1.01 Recruit team members 1.02 Negotiate with functional managers 1.03 Brief team 2. Develop plan 2.01 Write goal 2.02 Determine project priority 2.03 Develop WBS 2.04 Select milestones 2.05 Develop network and Gantt charts 2.06 Determine personnel requirements 2.07 Allocate budget 2.08 Specify control mechanisms 2.09 Develop fallback and recovery plans. 2.10 Select phase-out mechanism 2.11 Write executive summary 2.12 Assemble plan 2.13 Get plan approved 2.14 Assign responsibilities based on WBS Be sure to include Project Manager's activities in the WBS. 3. Kickoff 4. Plan agenda 4.01 Determine meeting room needs 4.02 Select luncheon sites and menus 4.03 Arrange for hotel support 4.04 Negotiate and sign contract 5. Develop registration procedures 5.01 Incorporate procedure instructions on brochure 5.02 Develop confirmation letter 5.03 Develop mailing system 5.04 Arrange for registration center at conference 5.05 Develop schedule to staff registration center 6. Select site 6.01 Call hotels in nearby cities 6.02 Determine availability during third quarter 6.03 Take rate quotes 6.04 Review amenities 6.05 Select top three contenders 6.06 Choose best option and close the deal Most common problem with WBS is being too general and assuming that details will be taken care of. Be sure that you spell out all critical tasks. BUS118: Intro to Project Management North Seattle Community College WBS Pg 2 of 2 7. Acquire speakers 7.01 Develop list of potential speakers 7.02 Write speaker solicitation letters 7.03 Send solicitation letter, fact sheet, and meeting overview to potential speakers 7.04 Follow up with each potential speaker by telephone

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