Work and Life of a Pastor Essay

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction. Who is a Pastor? Life or Personality of a Pastor. Pastor’s work or job. Conclusion. INTRODUCTION: In this assigned research paper about THE JOB AND LIFE OF A PASTOR, I will write about whom really a Pastor is according to my thoughts and I will include others views over the same topic, the life or personality of a Pastor, and about the work or job of a Pastor. A personality of the Pastor has very much to do with the effectiveness of the work He/she does. This means that, the life of the Pastor must be part of the work he/she is called for. His/her work He/she was called for must be an expression of his/her life and experience. But if this is not so, then the Pastor will be meaningless. THE JOB AND LIFE OF A PASTOR: Who is a Pastor? Many people have different understandings about who a Pastor is. Many say that a Pastor is someone who preaches the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. When I asked Rev. Moono during my research, He said that a Pastor is someone who looks and leads over the flocks (Sheppard). Because I wanted different staff, I went and asked Rev. Ntambo about the same question who a Pastor was, and He said that a Pastor is someone who services people in the Church; help them grow spiritually be ready for the services of God too. I think both responses are correct. But I would go for; Annie Cress-man, in her book, The Pastor, explains “A pastor is a spiritual leader in the church. He is a man who stands before God ready to be his messenger. He stands before the people as their servant in spiritual matters. His work is to lead people to God, not to draw followers after himself (1957:3). She further explains that, this means that, the pastor has no message of his own, because he stands before God ready

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