Work and College Essay

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Working and college Everyone wants to be successful in life. We all want to achieve our goals. That’s why we are in this class right now. That’s why we attend this college. It seems like now, to be successful, you have to possess some type of degree, which is conceivable. Having a degree can give you a jump start in obtaining a job in the specific field of which you earned your degree. Also, you have a higher pay rate than those who do not have a degree. All this sounds amazing! However, ask yourself this very important question, “How do I work when I get the job?” That is a question people have an easier time answering than actually performing it. Why is it so hard? Numerous people have no working experience. When you make the jump from only doing school work and sitting in your dorm and hanging out to having to work is a shocking experience. Working while in college develops responsibility and skills needed to get through life. Working and being in college is not easy but life isn’t easy either. Sometimes you have to give up maybe going to a movie or staying up late watching television so that you will have enough time to complete all your assignments and study for tests and be able to fulfill the expectations you hold at your job. Having that type of responsibility is a skill that will help you later in life as well. For instance, when you have a family how will you be able to spend time with your kids, wife and be productive at your job if you do not have the skill? So sitting in your college dorm, not working, is not an option if you truly want to be successful. It is impossible to be successful without having the skills gained by working while in college. Working while in college will teach you how to work when you get out of school. So why wait? Finding a job now would be the responsible thing to do. So work while you are in college. It means success for
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