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jeremy macdonaldIntroduction to Nursing Interview Paper: Bullying in Nursing Dr. Jane Leach Midwestern State University Patrick was born and raised in Ethiopia. In 1983, he graduated with a Biology Degree from a University in Ethiopia. Because of a civil war that was going on in Ethiopia he had to flee the country. While he was trying to flee, he was captured and sent to prison for five years. After getting out of prison in 1988, he fled to Sudan where he received an asylum to come to the United States. Once in the United States, he worked at Seven Eleven Gas station as a manager to support himself. After doing this for about two years, he graduated with an Associates Degree in Nursing in December 1993 from a university in Virginia. Recently after graduation he got hired at a hospital where he worked for the next 13 years. While employed at the hospital he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in nursing in 2000. Six years later, he obtained his Master’s degree and became a Nurse Practitioner. While working at the gas station he felt that he needed a change in his life. However, he did not have his transcript from Ethiopia therefore he could not use his degree in Biology. Without the transcript no school would accept him to further his education in biology. He sought out some schools that were mainly involved in the medical field. He found a Catholic school that would give him an entrance exam, to see what level he was at. His grades were outstanding so they offered to enroll him in an Associates program in nursing, but if only he was to provide his transcript at a later date. That later date, however, never came because he graduated from the program in one year. As a Nurse Practitioner on the cardiac unit, the first thing he does in the morning when he get to work is go through the patients lab work, x-rays, and progress report from the previous day. Once he

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