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You might be thinking which is better – to be an employee or an employer? There is a vast difference between the two, especially on how they make money. We cannot answer this question for you. There are people who would be better off if they become employees, but there are also those who are suitable to be employers. There are pros and cons. One should evaluate oneself first when choosing between these two options. Being an employer gives you an opportunity to earn more money. It also allows you to make decisions for yourself. When you are an employer, you do not take any orders from anybody. You are your own boss. However, to succeed as one, you have to work harder. Indeed, you have to spend long hours at work, especially during start-up. You will trade time for money. In addition, you have to tolerate weeks or even months without earnings while establishing your business. When you are the business owner, it is your prerogative to choose the people who you would like to work with. Nobody can fire you. Besides, you do not have to please everybody. You have the complete freedom and control over your business. However, having your own business is not a guarantee that you will succeed. There are certain risks that cannot be predicted. Factors like technological obsolescence, economic turbulence, currency fluctuations, and even weather conditions are among the unseen risks that cannot be fully anticipated. However, if you succeed, having your own business will provide you a lifestyle that is truly rewarding. Starting a business means going into a very tough struggle with other businesses just like yours. Remember that they are also planning against you! You have to think of competitor reactions. This is your responsibility, as well as your accountability to your employees who are relying on you for their livelihood. On the other hand, if you would

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