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Human service professional are faced with many different ethical dilemmas, while doing this line of work. The people offers you a preview of the in-dept examination of Cynthia. In the case study, it examines a in-dept look in to her everyday life. It also allows the cultural bias that comes in everyday life. As a professional, the ethical dilemmas that are faced is the approach to resolving the ethical dilemmas. In the process, it is required as the professional to evaluate the ethical issues social as well as cultural considerations, confidentiality, and also the service delivery of concern. In doing the evacuation as a professional. I will be able to understand what the ethical challenges are and make a plan of action for the future development. According to Cynthia she wants to go back to school and her husband don't approve. She wants to live a more productive life. As a professional being able to help the client understand her rights to freedom as well as well-being and individuality as a whole. Family counseling is a great way in which they can approach developing a method in which allows Cynthia to do what life goals. She has as a individual while making her husband happy at the same time. When there is conflict these guidelines can be used. The right to basic well-being, right to freedom, which determines the importance of the client and professional relationship. The goal of the family advocacy program that is able to promote the family safety and providing services to prevent the intervene of family to the client at hand. Even though there is a informed limit to confidentiality within the helping relationship. Both her and her husband have to agree to the counseling and take classes on how to better communicate. The stress at home could in some ways interfere with the professional performance at work and also mission readiness. As a professional

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