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Oh, basically, there are rules and regulations in One Utama. So everyone have to wear black, everything black. Black top, black bottom, except for everyone’s footwear. This job is easier than last year’s waitering job but stresser. Why? 1. You woudn’t have any companionship, you’re on your own because everyone has their own shift, which is quite scary. I mean you have to manage the store alone, my manager will only come by to put some cash in the cash machine. 2. I have to open the store alone. Actually, this is quite a cool experience. Swith on the switches and the cash machine, fold black clothes, wipe glasses, manage the keys etc. 3. I’m keeping one of the important key to open one cupboard for the other keys and I’m afraid I might loose them one day. LOL. 4. What if there are many rude and impatient customers? Well, it’s a challenge, a good experience. 5. What if I don’t know how to answer some of the customer’s questions? If there’s someone there, at least I could ask them but I’m alone ( until my friend’s shift ). Oh ya! I want to confide one of my doleful experience! Yesterday night, around 9 pm, there’s one customer that came by. So I started explaining what is what and all the basis of the items. Then guess how she’d reacted? She put one hand right infront of my face instantly and said ” I know! “, rudely, in a very rude tone! I was smiling so nicely and sweetly, explaining in a very nice and friendly tone and this what I’d get from her! Hello! I have feelings! Actually, there were many more fierce, impatient and rude customers but their handable except for the above girl who shushed me up for nuts. Male customers are better than female customers. At least male is nice, friendly, can joke with, humourous in a way etc unlike female, snobbish, bla bla bla etc. Anyway, my manager has increased my salary into 6 bucks per hour

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