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Hard Work Throughout my life, I have worked hard for a couple of things that I see as important. Although other people may see the thing I work hard for as something that is not beneficial to life. When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to be the kid to read the most books in my class. In ninth grade, I tried to save up as much money as I could to try to buy as many pairs of shoes I can. Tenth grade, after third quarter ended, I am working to try and raise my grades. Almost every year, I work hard for something different. I learned through hard work that if I want to accomplish something, I cannot wait for it to come to me, I have to try and go accomplish it myself. During sixth grade, my favorite thing was reading, I would spend hours every day reading. I would read during classes, lunch, waiting to get picked up and at home. I wanted to read more books than anyone else in my class. Even as I accomplished that goal, I still kept on reading. The only class I had an A in was English. I always failed my tests for my other classes. I did not care about my other classes, all I wanted to do was read. At the end of the semester, I had read sixty four books. I felt great having read so many exciting and interesting books. I did not even feel like I was working hard for it, it was just something that I enjoyed doing. During my ninth grade year, I became obsessed with shoes. I wanted to buy as many pairs as I can. I started working hard to save all my money so I would be able to buy new shoes. I did chores all around the house to earn money, including cleaning the house, washing the dishes, and mowing the lawn. I didn’t really go anywhere with friends because all I wanted to do was save money and buy shoes. After months of hard work, I was able to buy five pairs of shoes. It took a lot of determination to not spend the money on anything else. Every weekend, I had to work

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