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P2:t show what is not acceptable and what is acceptable, looking back at the morals of society. This is to make sure that people respect their individual rights and that people are given the correct and all the information that they need, also to participate voluntarily. There are many ethical issues, the one issue that should be respected and taken into consideration the most is their feelings and rights about the whole process. When asking the questions in the research, make sure that the individual is comfortable and respected in every way so that they will have confidence and answer the questions truthfully. For example if a person is in an abusive relationship isn’t asked an appropriate question this may lead them to feel uncomfortable in answering the question and this may lead them to not finish off the rest of the research, so this is why it is very important for the person who is researching to consider the individuals rights and feelings when setting up the questions. Confidentiality is another ethical issue that needs to be taken up whiles doing the research in health and social care. Each person must have a right to confidentiality regardless. In Gp’s, sexual clinics we expect them to keep every patients file between the doctor and the individual. If confidentiality is not carried out patients will not be pleased with the services given because they do not want anyone knowing their personal life or any information about them shared with someone who is unauthorised. The data of patient in the health and social care should not be shared with anyone regardless. Every individual should be kept anonymous to any other patient so that they are not able to get hold of any given information about another patient. Another ethical issue that is important is informed consent. The person who is going to answer the questions needs to be told all the information

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