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The Human Relations Movement The Human Relations Movement originated from Elton Mayo and the Hawthorne Studies which discovered that the informal organization, social norms, acceptance, and sentiments of the group determined individual work behavior. The Hawthorne Experiment can be interpreted as an enemy of the modern manager. The theory leans toward cynicism in instances where it does not matter how an individual manages, because the Hawthorne Experiment will produce the positive outcome desired. The Hawthorne Experiment as a legacy implicates the need for individuals to preserve what they have while taking advantage of the experience of mentors in the business (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009). McGregor's Theory X assumptions of the average employee: • Loathes work and attempts to evade it. • Has no aspiration. • Wants little or no responsibility. • Would rather follow than lead. • Is self-absorbed and thus does not care about organizational goals. • Opposes change. • Gullible and not intelligent. McGregor's Theory Y assumptions of the average employee: Work can be as natural as play and rest. • Individuals will be self-directed to meet their work objectives if they are committed. • Individuals will be committed to their objectives if rewards are arranged that address higher needs. • Individuals will seek responsibility. • Individuals can handle responsibility because creativity and ingenuity are common in the population. I have been fortunate to have Theory Y managers throughout my career who are/were supportive motivational inspirations leading to my promotional growth. Personally, I prefer to have a Theory Y manager because the overall process from start to finish ensures a quality product (Kinicki & Kreitner 2009). The Total Quality Management Movement The Total Quality Management Movement started in the 1980s and continued to the

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