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Can people have too much enthusiasm? "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" drives people ultimately to success. It is through enthusiasm in which people can gain that success. As seen through the American colonists and the author of The Help, there can never be too much enthusiasm. The American colonists were able to perseveer due t their fighting spirit and their disinterest to give up. When the American colonists settled in America, they faced more than just adverse weather conditions and the difficulty to find food. The colonists had to essentially relearn how to live in a new country which they have no knowledge about. Yet, the colonists were determined to settle in America and make this country their home. Their determination and passion led to their success. They were not blinded by the fervor, but rather used it as their driving force. Similarly to the American colonists, the author of The Help had a lot of enthusiasm which can be accredited greatly to her success. The Help just recently became a highly acclaimed movie. Before that, it was a book praised by many. The author of The Help had a lot of passion regarding her book. She was not hindered by her 60 rejections by publishers before she was published or embarrassed by her friends' degrading remarks about her enthusiasm. It was that fervor which eventually pulled her to the top and allowed her to become a well-renowned author. She did not have too much enthusiasm because she did not follow her career path recklessly. Rather, she was just determined not to give up. Enthusiasm is a driving force which can lead people to much success, as seen through the American colonists and the author of The Help. If people are determined not to give up, it does not mean they are too enthusiastic. History and today ha shown that a small or large amount of fervor can go a long way instead of steer someone off

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