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Staff Appraisal APPRAISAL FORM NAME: JOB TITLE: DEPARTMENT: MANAGER/SUPERVISOR: SECTION 1: CURRENT PERFORMANCE  List the key areas of your job  Highlight your strengths and skills that have contributed to your performance during the last year.  What work objectives have you achieved since your last appraisal or the start of your job? (there may also be other achievements that have arisen after these objectives were agreed)  What has helped you to achieve your work objectives?  Is there anything that held you back in achieving your objectives? (e.g. perhaps your job changed so some objectives were no longer relevant, or you needed further training and support)  Which aspects of your performance could be improved?  Detail how this could be achieved SECTION 2: FUTURE OBJECTIVES  List the objectives, which are to be achieved in the coming year they need to be specific, measurable (i.e. it will be clear when you have achieved them) achievable (i.e. realistic) relevant (i.e. linked to dept and organisational objectives). You should also put in the timescales that you hope to achieve them by.  How can your manager assist you in achieving these objectives? SECTION 3: LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT Learning is not just about going on a training course. You can learn effectively in a number of ways. For example; visits, structured reading and distance learning, secondments, e-learning, on-the-job learning, mentoring, team meetings conferences as well as workshops and courses. It is important that you take responsibility for your own learning and development needs, which we will support. You should have been discussing them during support and supervision sessions with your line manager and recording them on your support and supervision form. Think about what you have learned over the past year; .  What did you

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