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HSC2014 (222) Support individuals to eat and drink Case study – outcome 4.1,5.1 Respecting people’s eating habits Suki is 32 years old and is a patient on an orthopaedic ward in the local hospital. She had a car accident last week which she is slowly recovering from. Suki has limited use of her arms at the moment. She does not sleep well at night and tends to have napes during the day. She can manage to feed herself but she needs to use her left hand because her right arm was badly fractured (she is usually right handed). It takes Suki a long time to finish her meal but she is determined to be independent and do it herself. She often has a rest during her meal between courses because her arm aches so much if she uses it a lot. Suki likes to saves her dessert until later when she feels hungry again. The ward is busy and there is a new member of staff Karen giving out the meals and drinks and collecting the trays afterwards. She likes to keep the ward neat, tidy and clutter free. Suki’s tray is often taken away before she has finished. The ward has been hot recently and Suki is getting headaches. Staff are wondering if she is drinking enough and her urine is very concentrated. 1. What should Karen do if Suki is having a nap while she is clearing away trays? Karen could wait until suki has woken too ask her if she had finished with her meal. She could have covered it over for suki to help keep it fresh until she wakes. 2. Why is it import for Suki to say that she has finished her meal? Apart from it being rude to take someone’s food away without asking whether are finished or not. Suki may not be eating enough food if this is to happen all the time. Suki may wake up and feel upset that she wasn’t asked. 3. What might happen if Suki’s food and drinks continue to be taken away before she has finished. If sukis food is to be taken away every time she may

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