Words Have a Effect On People

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The Effect Words Have On Someone In life there are times when you speak before you think. Everything you say has an effect on the person it is directed toward. Sometimes when you are angry you say things that you really do not mean. In the moment you do not really realize how much you say is going to change the person you are talking about or the person you are talking to. The things you say and the way you say them can affect a person’s life tremendously. Everything you say, whether it’s really sweet or hurtful, it all has an effect on the person. It does not always have to be verbal it can also be through words on paper, in example writing and texting is the same thing just in a different form. In the moment of being mad you have a lot of different things running through your head, and most of the time we don’t think before we speak, we just say how we really feel. Later on down the road, you start thinking about what you said and how you said it, and realize that you made a mistake. Sometimes in the moment it does not seem to sound mean, but later on you realize you had said some hurtful things. Yes, most of the time you can say, “Well, I was mad when I said that so I didn’t really mean it.” But most of the time, if your mad or not, you said, so that is what you were thinking. Just recently, my best friend and I got into a huge fight. There were somethings that were said that should not have been, but you don’t realize it until after it has been said. Then most of the time it is too late to change what has been done. We both said some really hurtful things and those things can never really be taken back. I told her that she should not be acting so childish. At first that is the way I felt about it. I could have very well been the childish one, but I would not admit that because I did not care. I just wanted to hurt her feelings since she hurt mine. When you
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