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Attianna Williams June 13, 2012 Jodee Jacobs ENG-105 Word Choice Assignment (Steinbeck Essay) Instructions Choosing the right words in your essay can make a difference between a good and an exceptional paper. Consider John Steinbeck’s essay, “Americans and the Land” to see how word choice is used. Then, consider how to choose precise and meaningful words in your Explanatory Essay. Word Choice Assignment 1) Read the essay in your textbook (p. 68), and answer the questions below based on the essay. 2) Save your work on this template, then submit as an attachment to the appropriate drop box. “Americans and the Land” 1) In the introduction, Steinbeck shows his views on the early settlers and their attitudes regarding the virgin land. Consider his word choice. List at least three words that demonstrate his contempt for this behavior. “I have often wondered at the savagery and thoughtlessness with which our early settlers approached this rich continent.”In this sentence alone lets the readers know how he felt towards the early settlers that they were inconsiderate, selfish, unruly group of people that didn’t really know better in a sense. 2) What is the author’s intent in using the term, “half-breed children” in the 2nd paragraph on page 69? How does the previous sentence lead you to understand his use of this word? “The few who stayed, who lived among the Indians, adopted their customs and some took Indian wives and were regarded as strange and somehow treasonable creatures. As for their half-breed children, while the tribe sometimes adopted them they were unacceptable as equals in the eastern settlements.”I believe the author intended the term “half-breed children” to mean multiracial because in the previous sentence it leads me to understand that the settlers that were growing a custom to the Native American

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