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Equal Opportunities Policy Renaissance Skills Centre is committed to ensuring that it provides equal opportunities in employment and training. The aim of this policy is to ensure that no job applicant or learner is discriminated against because of their sex, marital status or national origins, race, religious and political beliefs, age employment status, class, trade union activities, because of a disability or with special training needs, because of their sexual orientation, or because of unrelated criminal convictions. Renaissance Skills Centre recognises that discrimination against women. People of other nationalities and ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and other sexual orientations are endemic and systematic in our society. Discrimination operates through a number of commonly held assumptions and is reinforced by laws, rules and customs. Discrimination can go unrecognised, is often regarded as natural or inevitable and gives some people positions of power over others. Renaissance Skills Centre is committed to opposing racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination faced by people of all other national minorities, women, people with disabilities, different sexual orientation and recognise that these groups are not mutually exclusive. Renaissance Skills Centre recognises that tackling discrimination is an immense task and that the promotion of equal opportunities involves more than a commitment to removing discrimination. It also means redressing the inequalities that exist by positive policies aim at tackling past discrimination. It is within this context that the Centre's equal opportunities policy must be situated. Our responsibility 1.1 Renaissance Skills Centre will be responsible for ensuring that the Equal Opportunities Policy is fully effective. This will require a commitment by all learners and their representatives.

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