Worckplace Monitoring Essay

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In today's information age computers are used all around the world. People everywhere are on computers using the internet to playing games, sending e-mails, chatting, using social networks, and many other things. Companies are using computers and the internet to aid in conducting business all across the globe. One company can have a business meeting with other companies in almost any part of the world, from their own office. With the huge amounts of information being sent all over the world, and with all the different things one can do on computers, more and more companies are now monitoring their employee's. Monitoring is nothing new, it has been done for years. With today's new high tech ways to communicate information, there also came new high tech ways to monitor it. Many of employee's believe it is an invasion of privacy to be monitored. The purpose of this paper is to take a look at some of the conflicts employers and employees have because of workplace monitoring and to see if it is an invasion of privacy. In this information age things are changing so rapidly and technology is moving so fast, that the policymaker's can't keep up with all of the technical advances. Some employees don't even know they are being monitored. On the other hand, employers feel they have a right to monitor its employees and protect its interest. Related Organizational Policy The days of privacy in the workplace are long gone, probably never to return. With today's rapid pace of technologies, employers are monitoring their employee's telephone calls, computer use, e-mails, voice mails, and internet use. Employers can also monitor cell phones, pagers and text messages if its company equipment. Some companies use GPS systems to monitor where their vehicles are going. There are different software's available that employer's can use to track every keystroke someone makes on the

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