Worcester Vs. Georgia Court Case

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Tyler Kroll Social Studies Period 8 11/14/11 Worcester vs. Georgia Court Case The Worcester versus Georgia Supreme Court Case first started when the state of Georgia made laws that favored the Cherokee since the Cherokee did not want the Americans to keep pushing them more and more west. The laws that were made by Georgia were that the United Stated could not take away the land that the Cherokee had. These laws were laws that were what the Cherokee had wanted. All white people living in the Cherokee land did not have to directly leave though as the people who lived in the Cherokee land which was missionaries and people who married the Cherokee. Everybody who was not either a missionary or a person who married a Cherokee had to leave. It seemed that if the law would have been broken, it would be because someone did not have a license in the Cherokee land but actually, the first conflict broke with seven missionaries. The seven missionaries refused to refuse to get a license because they argued that under the United States law, that states have no authority to pass laws concerning Indian Nations. Apart of this group is Samuel Worcester who was arrested by Georgia of his opposition of the Cherokee removal. He aggressively protested that they had no right to make a law which needed a license but at the end, Andrew Jackson stepped in and ruled that the Cherokee were a “distinct community” as America had the upper hand in the ruling. The Supreme Court Case made its final call which I think was correct because I think that Samuel Worcester was just trying to test the boundaries of the laws that the Americans made. On his part though, I think he and the other six missionaries were just being un-smart and it seemed to me that they did not know what they were dealing with. It seemed like Worcester was trying to be a smart-alec because he could have easily have

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