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Characters Othello isn’t as old and dessi isn’t as young Jago starts above Othello Othello is initially praised by jago. Cass works with othello Michael cass is going to look after dessy Dessy is an art writer Cass has a much different role Othello was given the robe by dessy Themes LOVE RACE JUSTICE Setting London police station. Work class town. Many black people Apartment near river… water allusion to venitian setting of origonal Othello Brixton riots Plot Othello is under jago then gets promoted above him Cassio does not have anywhere near as big a role Jago hugs officer and explains its okay to “kil the nigger” just tell us what happened we will protect you. Effects Blury opening on an eye.. sleepind scan doen her mouth Crosses Othello(?)s eyes Contrast black and white skin Sex block on white Cross to jago talking to camera ( I loved him too you know) Low camera angles on the police killing a Blackman Many asides from jago Many eye view camera angles Crossing between firey mobs and dinner Black and white floor tiles in bathroom when they are talking about black offixers Much more white in the bathroom white man in the front seat of car… Othello in back Riot many high angles close up on othellos face Many white men around him Cut from Othello speech to Desdemona in bad doing outside to the dark Martin luther king allusions Black face against white walls provides contrast Running from white corridor though to a darkened showed black hall (white to black) wedding. Dessy wearing white clothes at wedding dinner Voiceovers by jago Heart beat bass sounds Brown walls OMG TOO MUCH SEX Following words on screen Nazi symbols Jago writes a post about dessi and Othello on a nazi website Multiple

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