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WBY SUEHELEN REES BY SUEHELEN REES UNIT 2 BUSINESS RESOURCES UNIT 2 BUSINESS RESOURCES Residential Homes | Commercial Properties | Investment Real Estate | Financing Specialists Residential Homes | Commercial Properties | Investment Real Estate | Financing Specialists Woolworths was one of the UK’s leading retailer’s focusing on the home, family and entertainment, with more than 800 stores in high street location. The company’s strategy is to tailor its products ranges and sizes to meet the needs of local customers. Hiring high quality retail managers and leaders is pivotal to Woolworths business performance. The recruitment team needed a continuous stream of good quality candidates. It set out to create on internal recruitment consultancy, whilw driving down the overall recruitment costs. Woolworths say that it frequently attracted high volumes of applicants, but high volume did not necessarily means high quality. Dealing with applicants and filtering out the good ones was a time consuming, manual process. It also meant that good candidates were. Inevitably lost along the way using technology was seen as the way forward, it was believed that inviting people to apply online and using technology to screen and qualify candidates against the selection criteria would significantly enhance their service that we could offer. They would be able to respond quickly and efficiently when vacancies occurred, screening time would be reduced, enabling Woolworths to respond quickly to all candidates. Moving from a manual, paper based system to an online system was a completely new way of working. After getting the Job in the company will first get you to

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