Woolf Critique

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Woolf Critique Virginia Woolf’s quote “Money dignifies what is frivolous if unpaid for.” stood out before this viewer even understood what she meant. Writing only for herself or even as an outlet for her creativity meant people would in effect write her off. This particular presentation was very well put together, in that the background was soft and not a distraction, yet it was that of an intellectual atmosphere. Eileen Atkins was a splendid mix of anger, reserve and power, as she fluidly rolled through the script, capturing the emotional changes and subtleties necessary for this piece to retain its affectivness. The perceived differences from the video to the reading were, for this reader/viewer, the tone. In the reading, certain sections could be taken for being more melancholy, where as the video had a soft tone of sadness, but overall, one of frustration and dissatisfaction. While this reader could not get a sense of Virginia’s physical presence from the reading, one could imagine intelligence, with much reservation. The actress was a bit of surprise as she portrayed confidence, boldness and anger in reserve, without the hesitance expected. Also, the video seemed easier to interpret and follow along with, as the written version required rereading for greater comprehension. The video was entertainment still, which this viewer believes is at least in part a test of good writing. One could not watch it, without feeling the anguish Woolf felt at being suppressed where she so much wanted to grow. That sympathy is what effects people to support her
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